Blonde Pony, with over a decade of expertise in patternmaking and fabrication, stands at the forefront of innovation in downtown Los Angeles. Our approach transcends traditional creation in textiles and soft goods, focusing on weaving intricate details into each project’s broader narrative. This is achieved through our commitment to utilizing innovative technologies, which enables us to tackle a diverse spectrum of projects with a unique blend of visual richness and conceptual depth. Embracing collaboration, we join forces with forward-thinking partners, passionate about pushing boundaries. At Blonde Pony, we’re not just creators; we’re pioneers in integrating art and functionality, crafting extraordinary experiences that redefine industry standards.

Blending Your Imagination with Our Skill to Create Magic


Got ideas? At Blonde Pony, we collaborate to refine and actualize your product vision. As fabricators skilled in design to technical patternmaking, we create anything from structures to garments. Leveraging CAD technology, Rhino 3D for structures and TUKAtech for garments, we transform your dreams into reality.


Product success lies in effective prototyping. At Blonde Pony, we commit to the process wholeheartedly, crafting one, twelve, or more prototypes as necessary. We persist until your product is fine-tuned to perfection, ensuring every detail aligns with your vision and specifications. We’re with you at each step, from conception to fruition


At Blonde Pony, our skilled team operates in spacious, well-lit facilities, equipped for optimized production workflows. Employing the right tools to expedite processes, our extensive production experience allows us to handle multiple projects. While we value long-term collaborations, we’re open to smaller one-off runs and rush jobs, schedule permitting.


Before production, Blonde Pony crafts a sample. This enables us to scrutinize our processes and estimate timelines more accurately. This approach helps us maintain efficiency and provides clients with precise cost estimates, fostering a clear understanding of the project scope. Our goal is to ensure a smooth transition from concept to final production.


With a comprehensive understanding of materials, including fabrics, trimmings, webbing, and hardware, we have developed exceptional sourcing capabilities. Our expertise covers industrial textiles suitable for various outdoor environments as well as diverse materials required for unique clothing lines or design projects. This breadth of knowledge empowers us to fulfill any material requirements effectively.


Utilizing TUKAtech for digital marker making, we plot and print markers up to 72″ wide. Our versatile services include creating and printing sample patterns, demonstrating our adaptability in meeting diverse project needs. This skillful use of technology coupled with our dedication to precision, ensures we can deliver tailored solutions that align perfectly with your unique design specifications.

Precision Crafted: Every Detail, a Testament to Quality


Matthew Schow