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Paris and Barcelona you say?

Yes, I have just returned. Pictures will be up soon, I just need a little time to go through them… I thought I might have been able to make a post while I was there, but the time just sort of slipped away from me and I was having problems accessing the internet everywhere. And yes I know, I should have such things to complain about 🙂


Curated photo credit…

a few weeks ago my friend Jake submitted my photos to Curated.

Give us this day our daily detritus…

Pieces of lives. Left on the curb.

Meditations on memories… aka the 4th of July

Memories etched out in physical form.

Rocks. A Graveyard. Fireworks.

Monuments to old neighborhoods.

Sometimes I’m puzzled by what I remember and what I don’t.

What my stories are that I tell of who I am.

Of who I want to be.

The only certainty of it, is the memories I leave behind will not be my own.