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Moscow 2013… From Russia with Love.

Oh Moscow. How you gave me such an unfriendly gaze at first until I learned you just didn’t have time to suffer fools and offer hollow smiles of fake politeness.

I wish I got more pictures. My battery ran out on one of our days walking around and I missed out a a few really good shots. Oh well. I’ll just have to make another trip and make up the loss.

Moscow2013_001 Moscow2013_002 Moscow2013_003 Moscow2013_004 Moscow2013_005 Moscow2013_006 Moscow2013_007 Moscow2013_008 Moscow2013_009 Moscow2013_010 Moscow2013_011 Moscow2013_012 Moscow2013_013 Moscow2013_014 Moscow2013_015 Moscow2013_016 Moscow2013_017 Moscow2013_018 Moscow2013_019 Moscow2013_020 Moscow2013_021 Moscow2013_022 Moscow2013_023 Moscow2013_024 Moscow2013_025 Moscow2013_026 Moscow2013_027 Moscow2013_028 Moscow2013_029 Moscow2013_030 Moscow2013_031 Moscow2013_032 Moscow2013_033 Moscow2013_034 Moscow2013_035 Moscow2013_036 Moscow2013_037 Moscow2013_038 Moscow2013_039 Moscow2013_040 Moscow2013_041 Moscow2013_042 Moscow2013_043 Moscow2013_044 Moscow2013_045 Moscow2013_046 Moscow2013_047 Moscow2013_048 Moscow2013_049 Moscow2013_050 Moscow2013_051 Moscow2013_052 Moscow2013_053 Moscow2013_054 Moscow2013_055 Moscow2013_056 Moscow2013_057 Moscow2013_058 Moscow2013_059 Moscow2013_060 Moscow2013_061 Moscow2013_062 Moscow2013_063 Moscow2013_064 Moscow2013_065 Moscow2013_066 Moscow2013_067 Moscow2013_068 Moscow2013_069 Moscow2013_070 Moscow2013_071 Moscow2013_072 Moscow2013_073 Moscow2013_074 Moscow2013_075 Moscow2013_076 Moscow2013_077 Moscow2013_078 Moscow2013_079 Moscow2013_080 Moscow2013_081 Moscow2013_082 Moscow2013_083 Moscow2013_084 Moscow2013_085 Moscow2013_086 Moscow2013_087 Moscow2013_088 Moscow2013_089 Moscow2013_090 Moscow2013_091 Moscow2013_092 Moscow2013_093 Moscow2013_094 Moscow2013_095 Moscow2013_096 Moscow2013_097

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