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HM SS2014 | Teepee | Matador State Beach

It was a lovely Sunday in December for a photo shoot on the beach,

70° with some high clouds.

The day had a distinct lemony meringue feel to it. A familiar childhood comfort food memory. Or an 80’s television show.

I use to come to this beach when I was strung out.

Those were very different wintery Sundays when my brain felt a little like taffy. I relished the non sequitur fluidity, the free association that was the companion of drugs and no sleep.

But on this day, there would be no Scooby snacks.

There were clothes and props. A teepee. And a crew and their model.

HMSS2014_001HMSS2014_002HMSS2014_003 HMSS2014_004 HMSS2014_005 HMSS2014_006 HMSS2014_007 HMSS2014_008 HMSS2014_009 HMSS2014_010 HMSS2014_011 HMSS2014_012 HMSS2014_013 HMSS2014_014 HMSS2014_015 HMSS2014_016 HMSS2014_017 HMSS2014_018 HMSS2014_019 HMSS2014_020 HMSS2014_021 HMSS2014_022 HMSS2014_024 HMSS2014_025 HMSS2014_026 HMSS2014_027 HMSS2014_028 HMSS2014_029 HMSS2014_030 HMSS2014_031 HMSS2014_032 HMSS2014_033

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