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Contemplating Los Angeles… An addendum.

I wonder on these days, that I get to wander around, how much longer this can sustain itself…

Not so much the city, but me.

I don’t know if I have the faith in the “it’ll be alright, it always is” mantra anymore.



So, the previous opening lines were from an unfinished entry started on June 23rd, 2014.

I was being quite melodramatic.


I did publish another entry a few weeks later.

It was more refined and self aware, but I remember it got individuals to reach out. People wanted to help.

I guess that was the thing I was looking for.

A little.


These pictures were taken last year in Vegas, as we came back from Thanksgiving.

It was on this trip that I decided to move back to Utah.

It was unsustainable for me to stay in LA in the then current situation.

I had already worked through that conclusion.


I was in Vegas again a few months ago for a job.

I drug some compatriots out to these same light installations.

And I ended up keeping a thought with me while I was there.


A lot changes in a year.

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