Oversized tent liners… Or how I learned to stop worrying and just sew.

So festival and tent season has started, maybe a little slower than I would have liked this year, regardless, it’s still here…

The first big one was 6 oversized tent liners for a tent that went up in the parking lot of The Forum in Los Angeles.

I ultimately ended up making six panels to add to an already existing kit. The first was 4 that were 15′ x 145′. These had spring clips along the width at about 20′ intervals and velcro along the long edge attached them. And 2 that were 20′ x 180′. These just had spring clip attached to them along the long edge for attaching to the rigging system.

I used two machines for the process, a single needle walking foot (for the webbing and hardware) and the 6 thread overlook for joining the panels. Super stoked on the new walking foot. It’s a dream machine.

Although it’s not super creative, I like the rhythm of the work, even if it is extremely physically demanding. I’m sure this won’t be the last time I make these big boys. Next time I just hope it’s not in such a tight deadline…. 😉

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