A couple weeks ago I got a call to make several garments for a photo booth at Jay Z’s Made in America Music Festival. It was a super quick turnaround, I had to make 6 garments in two days…

The day before my delivery, the client, Narrative Media, sent me all the fabric, already printed, first over night, on 10′ wide goods. Once I wrangled it into my studio the rush ensued… a mad dash to make 6 pieces, by the next afternoon. Ultimately I ended sending 8. Two different jackets and two different pullovers. Moving forward, I’m only going to do jackets for this client, as no one wanted to use a pullover in the photo booth, too many things to mess up pulling a hoodie over hair and makeup and what not. Lesson learned….

I was happy how they all turned out, given the time allotted. Hopefully the next time around I have a few more days to deliver something even better… Hip hip!

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