NASA JPL interactive experience at Arroyo Seco Weekend.

So recently I had the pleasure of making some pieces for an interactive tent at the Arroyo Seco Weekend festival in Pasadena. There were 4 planets and 15 hexagonal panels. NASA has their own globe maker, but due to some scheduling issues, I got the opportunity to make them. It was a fun little gig. […]

Oversized tent liners… Or how I learned to stop worrying and just sew.

So festival and tent season has started, maybe a little slower than I would have liked this year, regardless, it’s still here… The first big one was 6 oversized tent liners for a tent that went up in the parking lot of The Forum in Los Angeles. I ultimately ended up making six panels to […]

Men’s Denim Jacket – Process

I’ve been wanting to make a denim jacket recently, so this last week I finally got some time to put in some work. I’ve been thinking a lot about the color theories of Mark Rothko and the abstract paintings of Joan MirĂ³, so I wanted to incorporate some of those ideas into this piece. The […]