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Carpe Venizia | Kracken? | The Rum Incident…

“She laughed. ‘It won’t last. Nothing lasts. But I’m happy now.’

‘Happy,’ I muttered, trying to pin the word down. But it is one of those words, like Love, that I have never quite understood. Most people who deal in words don’t have much faith in them and I am no exception–especially the big ones like Happy and Love and Honest and Strong. They are too elusive and far too relative when you compare them to sharp, mean little words like Punk and Cheap and Phony. I feel at home with these, because they’re scrawny and easy to pin, but the big ones are tough and it takes either a priest or a fool to use them with any confidence.”
― Hunter S. ThompsonThe Rum Diary

This day I was happy. Happy on rum. It made the sky sparkle, but disengaged my sense of direction and responsibility.

I had to get Megan back home by 7. I sent her off in some obtuse and long path towards Hollywood while I ended up in Crenshaw.

It’s a miracle I got home with my camera and bike. I don’t remember any of the evening. The day was lovely though.

Yo ho, yo ho, a pirates life for me…

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59 miles | LA River-Venice Beach | Baum Bicycle Gang yo

59 miles.

It was nice to take off my shoes. Walk in the sand. Get in the water.

It wasn’t a quick pace. It wasn’t meant to be anything more than leisurely. But we went big for a day of riding.

Griffith Park. LA River Bike path. DTLA. Culver City. Marina del Rey. Venice Beach.

All city baby. On our way. Viva la Alex Baum Bicycle Gang yo.

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Slumber Party? | A year and a few weeks late… | Happy Birthday buddy!

Reliving child hood memories… slumber parties and staying up all night watching movies. Gay boys and Peter Pan have something in common you say? STFU.

I love friends.

Happy Belated Birthday Lucas!

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LIB 2013… What’s up with that fence?

So the second job I got to do with the Do LaB this past year was Lightening In A Bottle. I was the Decor Lead. Decor takes care of all the fabric back drops as well as other fabric installations (mostly in prep… cleaning, repairing, making etc.) at the festival and general decor in the backstage areas and dressing around the festival grounds. I had an awesome team that made the work easy. As always, I wish I had gotten more pictures, but I was so busy on this one. It is OK to stop and smell the roses though, which I shall remember next time. The thing I wish I had more than anything is pictures of my friends. I have a few, but I wish I had more.

Anyway, I do think what I got sums it up nicely.

Woogie. Dancing. Late night shenanigans. Gong. More Woogie. Bingo. Jive Joint. Marques Wyatt killed it. One of the best sets I’ve ever heard and it was great to rock it out with him in the Woogie tree house. And Heidi I’m glad you were there to share it with me as well.

This was probably one of the best and most rewarding jobs I’ve had. Ever. I can’t wait to do it again.

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Moscow 2013… From Russia with Love.

Oh Moscow. How you gave me such an unfriendly gaze at first until I learned you just didn’t have time to suffer fools and offer hollow smiles of fake politeness.

I wish I got more pictures. My battery ran out on one of our days walking around and I missed out a a few really good shots. Oh well. I’ll just have to make another trip and make up the loss.

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See I did get pictures… aka Coachella 2013

Soooo I have this back log of pictures.

I spent the year taking some good photos.

Seeing and participating in some great things.

I don’t know where to begin so I will just begin where I left off and go through it until I make it back to the present… Hopefully this winter break from school will afford me the opportunity to get caught up.

This year I had the great fortune to work with the Do LaB a couple times. This was the first. It was a hot. It was a lot of work. I wish I had pictures of the prep as well, but this is what I got.

Oh, and I went to see a queen in the desert as well….

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April 27 | 2013 California Fashion Expo | Student Fashion Show









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